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Why Chiropractic Health Centre?

Adjusting tableRESULTS MATTER! The human body and the integrated function of all parts is incredibly complex. In my opinion, this complexity is in large part why not all health care practitioners are able to resolve all conditions.

I know that in my heart with over 30 years experience, I feel highly confident in tackling the most complex conditions. If I can’t figure out the cause of your condition and how to resolve it, I’ll tell you. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time that with our Results Oriented Care chiropractic, you too will experience the result you are seeking.

Meet Experienced Chiropractor Dr. David Weyrauch

I love chiropractic for its HOLISTIC PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL HEALING. I completed my chiropractic education at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, where I trained in multiple correction techniques, including Activator Methods®, Diversified and Thompson Terminal Point.

To this point in my life, I have devoted most of it within chiropractic to refining the art, pursuing the science and appreciating the spiritual nature of our being. This spiritual energy is responsible for not only healing but also the miraculous existence of life. The challenge of restoring the flow of this energy perpetuates an ongoing fascination and expansive appreciation of the miracle of LIFE and HEALING.

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All patients who receive my care also receive my relentless pursuit to restore their health. You too should experience improvement with every session.


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