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Meet Joanne

JoanneI have worked in the natural healthcare industry for the past 24 years, where my passion for natural health and healings is a main focal point in my life. I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, as well as a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist.

Furthermore, I have assisted Dr. Weyrauch for the past ten years of clinical practice, where I am able to incorporate my knowledge of natural healthcare along with patient care. While working with Dr. Weyrauch, I am a witness to his work, where so many of his clients have climbed the ladder toward exceptional health. I have noticed that after following Dr. Weyrauch’s recommends for care, which often takes time, it is like a spark is activated in his clients. Not only are their physical ailments alleviated, but patients experience great improvement in focus and clarity, a sense of calmness and an appreciation for life. Through these observations and Dr. Weyrauch’s teachings, my understanding and appreciation for the healing art of chiropractic has deepened.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I continue with my field of study through ongoing courses and webinars. My focus is on maintaining health through food and lifestyle adaptations, with extra focus on strategies to gain perspective and management of stress.

Supplementation is secondary to lifestyle adaptations, but in some cases the benefits of supplementation may be recommended.

Philosophy and Goals

My philosophy to life includes natural health through chiropractic care, eating well, sleeping well, stressing better, daily activity/movement, mediation/prayer, and simply finding a rhythm and routine in life that will support all aspects of ones being.

My goal is to help reinforce and support your health in a naturally and safe manner. Every cell, gland, organ and function of your body is influenced by nutrients and lifestyle choices.

It is through proper nourishment that your body can thrive and function eNiciently.

In addition to supporting Dr. Weyrauch and his patients with Chiropractic care, I also provide nutrition and lifestyle support. My goal is to help clients create a health enhancing lifestyle that is adaptable, sustainable, and simply beautiful.

Get Started Today

If you are looking to enhance your health or that of your family, I can assist you with that. Please book a complimentary phone session to find out more. We are here to help you!


Joanne | (416) 226-4950