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Meet Patricia

Chiropractic Assistant

PatriciaI began my employment with Dr. Weyrauch in 1987.” During the first several years, I attended many educational programs to understand the principles of Chiropractic care. I developed a deep understanding of the innate intelligence of the body. This served me immensely with my health and that of my children.

Unfortunately, in 1995, my oldest daughter who Wa5 six years old had a brain hemorrhage and a stroke at home. Thankfully I had been trained in CPR and I was able to keep her alive until the ambulance arrived.

When we arrived at Sick Kids hospital a dozen doctors were waiting for her as she had been transported from Newmarket Hospital accompanied by the emergency room doctor and paramedics.

She had a CAT scan and all the doctors were able to tell us was that a third of her brain was covered in blood and they were going to do an angiogram and they did not think that she was going to survive the procedure. She was in a coma at this stage. I told the doctors that I was not going to sign the permission form until I spoke to her. The doctor reminded me that she was in a coma. I told him that I did not care because I knew she would hear me. I went into the area where they were preparing her for the procedure and I leaned down and spoke into her ear. I told her that she was very sick and that she had to fight hard and I would bring her to Ireland to be a flower girl at her uncle’s wedding and we were going to take her to Disney World. She did hear me, much to the shock of the doctors surrounding her. She opened her eyes and said, ok mummy.

She survived the procedure which did not give them any information because there was too much blood, so brain surgery was the next step. When she went into surgery the doctor said that it. was less than a 1% chance it was a tumour and ten hours later he came out and told us that it had been a tumour which had ruptured. Four days later I was brought into a conference room with over a dozen doctors and told that she had Primary Brain Sarcoma. They told me that there were only 10 cases in the world and they had never treated it. I was told to prepare for the worst.

That’s when I got angry and I decided to take her home the next dav against medical advice because I felt the hospital was a very negative environment for her and felt that getting her home would be best. Her prognosis was bad.

She underwent 30 rounds of aggressive radiation to her brain and she was supposed to have 12 months of Chemotherapy which had to be stopped after the 10’h month because the doctors said if she was given one more dose of Chemotherapy she would die.

While the doctors were doing the conventional medical treatment I was doing alternative treatment with herbs, tinctures and vitamins. When I told the doctors what I was doing they told me that I was feeding the cancer. I stopped telling them. Six months into her Chemotherapy. I was reviewing her MRls with her team of doctors and they said we don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it because she should not be doing this well.

I had explained to my daughter that cancer was some cells in her body growing too fast, I referred to these cells as her sick cells. I told her that she had a lot more healthy cells than sick ones and I showed her how to draw a cell then I had her draw her healthy cells beating up her sick cells every day.

I told her about the innate intelligence of the body and that she could help her body fight cancer.

Ciara’s Chemotherapy ended in December 1996, she was released from the hospital on December 23’d, 1996 and I was told that she would be readmitted by the new year. She did not need to be an inpatient until a few years later when her port was removed because she was considered to be cured. Which the doctors said would never happen. Since Ciara finished her treatment for cancer she has had many alternative health care which have helped her overcome the ddmage caused to her body by the radiation and chemotherapy

I am so thankful that I was educated about the innate intelligence of the body and that I educated my daughter about it too.

We are now 29 years from her diagnosis and over the years the decisions made about her treatment have proven to have been the best decisions I haye ever made.


Patricia | (416) 226-4950